ES-4030 Resistance Parallel Gap Welder / Bonder in Russia EastBond

ES-4030 Resistance Parallel Gap Welder / Bonder for thin gold & copper wire in Russia

ES-4030 Resistance Parallel Gap Welder / Bonder
  • The most compact wire bonder in the world
  • For thermoresistive bonding of thin gold, copper and other wires (up to 75um / 3mil)
  • No heating required for bonding thin gold wires
  • Side wire feed with programmable clamp force
  • Table tear or Clamp tear wire termination
  • Suitable both for experimental lab & fab production
  • Automated Z & X axis high-speed motion
  • Changeable bonding heads to get all-in-one universal bonder
  • Suitable for bonding king-size items
  • 20 years lifecycle, 2 years warranty.

This manual resistance welder with motorized Z & Y axis is able to perform a complete wire bonding sequence with bond termination by clamp tear or table tear.

Resistance welding is used to bond thin gold & copper wires without heating.

Main features & benefits are described HERE.

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Item pick-up point in Russia:

Wire type gold, copper, steel or other wire
diameter range: 20—60 μm = 0.7 — 2.3 mil
Wire feed & clamp vertical wire feed
unmovable clamp
Bond tool Split electrode
Current generator up to 100A output current
up to 2V output voltage
Bond time 15—1000 ms
Bond force 50—500 grams, programmable
1st and 2nd bond force can be separated
Bond termination clamp tear (manually adjustable)
table tear (tail and tear programmable)
Performance up to 6000 bonds/hour
Motorized Z & Y strokes Z stroke: 7 mm
Y stroke: 7 mm
Control type
  • manual & semi-automatic Z axis control by computer mouse
  • 8 programmable mouse buttons
  • right-handed and left-handed operation
  • mouse-aided interactive loop profile programming
  • electronic pedal (optional) as Z lever for hands-free operation
  • Manual XY movement XY travel: 85 x 85 mm
    Max. workpiece size: 300 x 300 x 55 mm
    Binocular optical system (standard) Magnification: 20x / 40x
    Focus distance: 93 mm
    Trinocular video optical system (optional) Optical magnification: 14x — 90x
    Microscope head focus distance: 100 mm
    Camera frame rate: 30fps
    Camera image delay: 50ms max
    Camera resolution: 1920×1080 (FullHD)
    Camera output interface: HDMI
    Monitor size: 7″
    Mouse-aided crosshair setup, distance measurement etc.
    Photo & video capture to SD card
    Simultaneous binocular & trinocular view
    Facility Electrical: 100—240V, 50 / 60 Hz
    Power consumption: 18—30 W
    Dimensions: 400 x 310 x 360 mm = 16 x 12 x 14 »
    Net weight: 16 kg = 35 lb
    • AVIO MCW-700 & MCW-750 PG Transistor Welder
    • optoelectronic modules;
    • hybrids/MCMs;
    • microwave products;
    • discrete devices/lasers;
    • chip-on-boards;
    • leads;
    • sensors.
    • education
    • prototyping
    • repair
    • small scale production
    • pre-series
    • series (low-loop-count devices)

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