ES-4029 Ultrasonic / Thermosonic Wedge Wire Bonder EastBond

ES-4029 Ultrasonic Wire Bonder for thin aluminum & gold wire

ES-4029 Ultrasonic / Thermosonic Wedge Wire Bonder
  • The most compact wire bonder in the world
  • For ultrasonic bonding of aluminium and gold wire (up to 75um / 3mil)
  • Side wire feed with programmable clamp force
  • Table tear or Clamp tear wire termination
  • Suitable both for experimental lab & fab production
  • Automated Z & X axis high-speed motion
  • Changeable bonding heads to get all-in-one universal bonder
  • Suitable for bonding king-size items
  • 20 years life cycle, Lifetime support

This manual thin wire bonder with motorized Z & Y axis is able to perform a complete wire bonding sequence with bond termination by clamp tear or table tear.

Main features & benefits are described HERE.

Materials to download

Wire Bonders Brochure
Wire type aluminium and gold wire
diameter range: 17.5—75 μm = 0.7—3.0 mil
Wire feed & clamp 30° wire feed angle
movable side clamp
Bond tool 1.58mm diameter x 15mm length wedge
(0.0624″ x 0.625″)
Ultrasonic system
  • built-in self-tuning ultrasonic generator
  • 110 kHz high-Q piezo-ceramic ultrasonic transducer
  • up to 10 watt output power
  • Bond time 15—1000 ms
    Bond force 5—300 grams, programmable
    1st and 2nd bond force can be separated
    Bond termination Selectable from the menu:

  • clamp tear (tail and tear mechanically adjusted)
  • table tear (tail and tear programmable)
  • Heating system
  • heated worktable (up to 150°C)
  • heated bond tool (up to 200°C)
  • built-in double temperature controller
  • Performance up to 10000 bonds/hour
    Motorized Z & Y strokes Z stroke: 7 mm
    Y stroke: 7 mm
    Control type
  • manual & semi-automatic Z axis control by computer mouse
  • 8 programmable mouse buttons
  • right-handed and left-handed operation
  • mouse-aided interactive loop profile programming
  • electronic pedal (optional) as Z lever for hands-free operation
  • Manual XY movement Gross movement: 85 x 85 mm
    Fine movement: 28 x 28 mm
    Max. workpiece size: 300 x 300 x 20 mm
    Binocular optical system (standard) Magnification: 20x / 40x
    Focus distance: 93 mm
    Trinocular video optical system (optional) Optical magnification: 14x — 90x
    Microscope head focus distance: 100 mm
    Camera frame rate: 30fps
    Camera image delay: 50ms max
    Camera resolution: 1920×1080 (FullHD)
    Camera output interface: HDMI
    Monitor size: 7″
    Mouse-aided crosshair setup, distance measurement etc.
    Photo & video capture to SD card
    Simultaneous binocular & trinocular view
    Facility Electrical: 100—240V, 50 / 60 Hz
    Power consumption: 18—70 W
    Dimensions: 400 x 310 x 360 mm = 16 x 12 x 14 »
    Net weight: 16 kg = 35 lb


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